Why your vote matters

Local elections in Kirklees are happening on 3 May 2018. Make sure you use your vote. We heard from the Returning Officer for Kirklees, Jacqui Gedman, about why your vote really matters…



59,000 postal votes issued for #GE2017

Watch as the mammoth task of opening and validating 59,000 postal votes for the 2017 General Election gets under way in Kirklees. Thanks to Rob for explaining how it all works…

My first year as Returning Officer

It’s Jacqui Gedman’s first year being our Acting Returning Officer, making sure that we have fair elections in Kirklees.

Super speedy election count

The election count in Kirklees was super speedy this morning. Have a look…

What’s it like being a Councillor in 2016?

Andrew Cooper has just been re-elected as Councillor for the Newsome Ward. He talks about the role of Councillor as a community champion and tells us about some of the issues that came up in this year’s campaign.

When will we know the Kirklees election results?

Election staff in Kirklees began verifying votes on Thursday evening. The counting will start at 9.30am on Friday 6th May. We talked to David Smith about the timetable for counting the votes in the local elections and PCC elections. He also explained the different stages of counting the votes for the PCC.

Being a candidate

We talked to Javad Khan about his experience of being a candidate in the Kirklees local elections.