Welcoming Westborough High School

We were delighted to welcome students from Westborough High School to our 2019 local elections count in Kirklees.

Checking the votes

The local election count in Kirklees is under way. We found out more about what the process is…

When the polls close

Here’s what happens when the polls close in Kirklees.

Checking up on our polling stations

Our polling station inspectors are out and about visiting polling stations all day on Election Day, making sure it’s easy for you to cast your vote. Meet Wendy…

Voting at your local polling station

It’s easy to vote at your local polling station. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your polling card – you can still vote without it.

We’re here to help

At your local polling station, you’ll find a friendly Presiding Officer who is there to help you if needed. Meet Rosie and Stacey…

Polls are open

It’s been an early start for hundreds of election elves today, who have been busy setting up polling stations across Kirklees. We visited the Oakes Baptist polling station at 6.15am. The polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 2 May.

Helen’s been busy handing out ballot boxes

Did you know that it takes hundreds of people to run a local election? And the work starts long before the polls open. Helen has been busy handing out ballot boxes this afternoon…

55,500 postal votes – a lot of envelopes to open

We’ve issued around 55,500 postal votes for the local elections – and the mammoth task of opening the envelopes is already under way. Have you returned yours yet? If not, there’s still time.

Verifying the votes

Before counting begins, the contents of every ballot box are checked to make sure that we’ve confirmed the number of votes. Here’s what happens…