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You can vote without your poll card

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your polling card – you can still vote without it. And you can look up your polling station at:

Vote in the local elections to have your say

Neve is 19 and is voting for the local elections for the first time. She tells us why she thinks it’s important to vote.

Getting on with running the election

Almost 200 Presiding Officers are busy running polling stations all across Kirklees. It’s a long day for everyone, but Diane tells us how they are “just getting on with it”.

Being part of the local elections

Presiding Officer Alaina told us how it’s good to be part of the local elections in Kirklees.

Voting for the first time

First time voter Max tells us why he thinks it’s important to vote in the local elections in Kirklees.

It’s Polling Day

The signs are up, the pencils have been sharpened, the ballot boxes are sealed and voting is under way for the 2018 local elections in Kirklees.

Still got your postal vote?

If you’ve still got your postal vote envelope at home, you can drop it in at a local polling station before 10pm on Thursday 3 May 2018.

Ballot boxes are on their way to the polling stations

Ballot boxes get a final check over the day before the election, then they’re in the trusted hands of our Presiding Officers until the polls open…

Please use your vote

Here’s a special message from Frances Stonehouse, curator of the “Our Fight for the Voting Right” exhibition at Tolson Museum in Huddersfield. Would you have had the right to vote 100 years ago? Please use your vote on Thursday…

Sunday morning ballot box packing

It takes a lot of care and attention (and a lot of cellotape) to get everything ready for election day. We went along to see how the Kirklees elections team spend their Sunday morning in election week – busy packing ballot boxes…