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Helen’s been busy handing out ballot boxes

Did you know that it takes hundreds of people to run a local election? And the work starts long before the polls open. Helen has been busy handing out ballot boxes this afternoon…

The end (of the election) is nigh…

The ballot boxes have arrived back at Cathedral House ahead of the local election count in Kirklees.

Ballot boxes are on their way to the polling stations

Ballot boxes get a final check over the day before the election, then they’re in the trusted hands of our Presiding Officers until the polls open…

Sunday morning ballot box packing

It takes a lot of care and attention (and a lot of cellotape) to get everything ready for election day. We went along to see how the Kirklees elections team spend their Sunday morning in election week – busy packing ballot boxes…

The ballot boxes are in

After seeing the ballot boxes go out on Wednesday afternoon, we’ve now also seen them arriving at Cathedral House after the polls closed. Jayne’s ballot box is in this pile somewhere!

What happens when the polls close?

We talked to Maxine, one of the presiding officers in Kirklees, about what happens when the polling stations close at 10pm on Election Day.

Handing in the ballot boxes after a long day

Some very tired Presiding Officers are handing their ballot boxes in after the count. Thanks to Andrea for telling us about her busy day.

What’s in the Ballot Box?

We went to meet Presiding Officer Andrea Robinson to find out what’s in the ballot boxes when they’re collected on the day before the election. (Hint: it’s everything you need to set up a polling station…)


Ballot boxes are on the move…

Andrea collecting her ballot boxes
This afternoon we went along to Huddersfield Town Hall with Andrea to talk to her about the role of the Presiding Officer. Andrea will be managing the polling station in New Street, Milnsbridge tomorrow. This afternoon she has been carefully checking the contents of her ballot boxes and stationery box. Together these boxes contain all the paperwork she’ll need to run her polling station tomorrow – everything from voting papers and signage to the seals that will close the ballot boxes when voting ends at 10pm. If you live in Milnsbridge, she’d really like you to come along and vote tomorrow – even if you turn up to vote at one minute before 10pm (somebody usually does).

You can find your local polling station on the Kirklees web site:

Polling stations