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Please use your vote

Here’s a special message from Frances Stonehouse, curator of the “Our Fight for the Voting Right” exhibition at Tolson Museum in Huddersfield. Would you have had the right to vote 100 years ago? Please use your vote on Thursday…


What’s it like being a Councillor in 2016?

Andrew Cooper has just been re-elected as Councillor for the Newsome Ward. He talks about the role of Councillor as a community champion and tells us about some of the issues that came up in this year’s campaign.

Come out and vote today

We met Sharni, presiding officer at Lindley Methodist Church polling station. She’s keen for you to come out and vote today. Don’t worry if you’ve lost your poll card – just come along and the elections staff will help.

51,000 postal votes are on the move…

It’s a week before the 2016 local elections and the huge task of opening the postal votes from the Kirklees area is already well under way. Over 51,000 postal votes have been issued for the local elections and PCC elections on Thursday 5th May 2016. We talked to Chris at the postal vote opening to find out where your postal vote goes after you pop it in the post box.

Engaging young people in democracy

We talked to Coco from the University of Huddersfield Students Union about why it’s important to engage young people in democracy.

University of Huddersfield democracy week

We talked to Coco, Communications and Democracy VP at the University of Huddersfield Students Union about lots of good stuff going on at the uni during democracy week 2015.

NVRD 2015 The benefits of registering to vote

We talked to Dan from the University of Huddersfield Student Union about why it’s important for students to register to vote. Part of National Voter Registration Day.