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Top tips for Election Day

If you’re voting at a polling station , or if you’ve still got a postal vote lurking at home, here are some top tips from our local elections staff…

Who runs the polling station?

Every polling station has a Presiding Officer. We met Maxine after the training sessions for presiding officers in Kirklees, to hear about what’s involved.

There’s still time to return your postal vote

Did you know you can return your postal vote right up until 10pm on Thursday 5th May. Have you returned yours?

51,000 postal votes are on the move…

It’s a week before the 2016 local elections and the huge task of opening the postal votes from the Kirklees area is already well under way. Over 51,000 postal votes have been issued for the local elections and PCC elections on Thursday 5th May 2016. We talked to Chris at the postal vote opening to find out where your postal vote goes after you pop it in the post box.

Voting in the Greenhead Ward in 2015

There’s something a bit different about voting in the district elections in the Greenhead Ward of Kirklees. Presiding Officer Julie explains more…

Making sure we have free and fair elections

We’ve been talking to Adrian Lythgo, Returning Officer for Kirklees, about his role in the elections…

A new councillor – “shattered, proud and pleased”

Karen Allison, new councillor for the Newsome Ward, tells us that she’s “shattered, proud and pleased”.

I’m supporting my colleague

We’re talking to people at the election count about why they’re here today.

An agent’s view

We talked to a candidate agent waiting for the election results.

Why a strong local economy matters

We talked to Cllr David Sheard, Leader of Kirklees Council, about some of the issues for council spending.