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Still got your postal vote?

If you’ve still got your postal vote envelope at home, you can drop it in at a local polling station before 10pm on Thursday 3 May 2018.


Mr and Mrs postal votes

If there’s more than one person with a postal vote in your house, make sure you don’t get your paperwork muddled up, or you could lose out on your vote.

What happens to your postal vote?

Every postal vote envelope that the elections team receive is carefully opened and checked, to make sure that it’s valid, but no-one sees how you’ve voted. Rob explained the process to us…

55,224 people have a postal vote for #LE2018

We’ve issued 55,224 postal votes for the local elections in Kirklees on 3 May 2018 – and the mammoth task of opening all those envelopes is already under way. We heard from Rob about the scale of the task…

59,000 postal votes issued for #GE2017

Watch as the mammoth task of opening and validating 59,000 postal votes for the 2017 General Election gets under way in Kirklees. Thanks to Rob for explaining how it all works…

Postal vote opening in Kirklees

It’s one week before the elections and the opening of the postal votes is under way at Huddersfield Town Hall. Thank you to Maxine for explaining what happens to your postal vote envelope after you put it in the post box…