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Welcoming Westborough High School

We were delighted to welcome students from Westborough High School to our 2019 local elections count in Kirklees.

Verifying the votes

Before counting begins, the contents of every ballot box are checked to make sure that we’ve confirmed the number of votes. Here’s what happens…

Super speedy election count

The election count in Kirklees was super speedy this morning. Have a look…

When will we know the Kirklees election results?

Election staff in Kirklees began verifying votes on Thursday evening. The counting will start at 9.30am on Friday 6th May. We talked to David Smith about the timetable for counting the votes in the local elections and PCC elections. He also explained the different stages of counting the votes for the PCC.

The ballot boxes are in

After seeing the ballot boxes go out on Wednesday afternoon, we’ve now also seen them arriving at Cathedral House after the polls closed. Jayne’s ballot box is in this pile somewhere!

It’s not over yet – local results still to come

It’s not all over when the general election results have been counted. David Smith, Deputy Returning Officer for Kirklees, tells us what’s happening with the local and parish election results…

David’s overnight election count (and the day before)

Want to know what’s been happening to your votes? It’s possibly the biggest election count in Kirklees since 1979. We talked to Deputy Returning Officer David Smith about his election day (and night)…

Vote verification in Kirklees

Before the votes in an election can be counted, all the ballot papers need to be verified. Watch this timelapse clip to see the process in full swing…

Handing in the ballot boxes after a long day

Some very tired Presiding Officers are handing their ballot boxes in after the count. Thanks to Andrea for telling us about her busy day.