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We’re here to help

At your local polling station, you’ll find a friendly Presiding Officer who is there to help you if needed. Meet Rosie and Stacey…

Polls are open

It’s been an early start for hundreds of election elves today, who have been busy setting up polling stations across Kirklees. We visited the Oakes Baptist polling station at 6.15am. The polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 2 May.

Being part of the local elections

Presiding Officer Alaina told us how it’s good to be part of the local elections in Kirklees.

Voting for the first time

First time voter Max tells us why he thinks it’s important to vote in the local elections in Kirklees.

Still got your postal vote?

If you’ve still got your postal vote envelope at home, you can drop it in at a local polling station before 10pm on Thursday 3 May 2018.

What happens when the polls close?

We talked to Maxine, one of the presiding officers in Kirklees, about what happens when the polling stations close at 10pm on Election Day.

Who runs the polling station?

Every polling station has a Presiding Officer. We met Maxine after the training sessions for presiding officers in Kirklees, to hear about what’s involved.

David’s overnight election count (and the day before)

Want to know what’s been happening to your votes? It’s possibly the biggest election count in Kirklees since 1979. We talked to Deputy Returning Officer David Smith about his election day (and night)…

Vote verification in Kirklees

Before the votes in an election can be counted, all the ballot papers need to be verified. Watch this timelapse clip to see the process in full swing…

Handing in the ballot boxes after a long day

Some very tired Presiding Officers are handing their ballot boxes in after the count. Thanks to Andrea for telling us about her busy day.